I was born in England and moved to Perth at a very young age - where I have lived ever since.
Throughout school at Hale I was heavily involved with the arts scene, both music and acting - including orchestras, choirs, plays, symphonies, musicals and chamber groups.
I picked up a couple of instruments along the way - including viola, guitar and piano. However my main music pasison was always singing.


After finishing school, I became immersed in the Perth arts scene. I joined a number of groups including Naya Chorale, UWA Pantomime Society and Voyces.

Over the next 5 years I was involved with all manner of shows and performances; 

singing, acting, writing, directing, dancing and even operating backstage tech.

I also travelled around regional WA and Australia for various song festivals.


Eventually I got my first oppurtunity to develop my music career. A couple of years after joining The Men of the West I was asked to take over as the Musical Director. 

This was also when I joined The Baden Street Singers and travelled with them as they competed in the national Barbershop Harmony Australia competitions.

This was when I began to work and and improve my musical abilities - both as a singer and as a director/teacher. Learning from experience shaped me as a leader and instructor - however I was also lucky enough to learn from some of the best music educators in the world at the BHA Harmony Academy.


Since then I've had more and more oppurtunities to learn and grow as a musician and work with some of the best choirs in Australia.
I've planned and organised shows, performed in concerts, and developed as a music educator.
Looking forward - I hope to continue learning as a singing teacher and performer. I've started to run workshops to help develop music skills and to promote the enjoyment of singing.



Check out some of the groups I have been involed with - either as a director, singer or performer.
There's also notable events, performances and learning experiences I've been a part of.


  • Rhythmos​

  • The Men of the West

  • With One Voice 

  • Naya Chorale

  • The Baden Street Singers

  • Voyces

  • Indie Mix Pop Choir

  • Working Voices

  • Curtin Singers

  • Close Harmony

  • Peppermint

  • The Real Sing


  • Being invited as a back-up singer for the Adele concert in Perth 

  • Continuing participation in the BHA Harmony Academy

  • Winning Best Mixed Chorus 4 years in a row with The Baden Street Singers at the BHA National Convention

  • Conceptualising and helping launch ShedSong and SongBridge

  • Organising and show-running Underneath the Stars - performed by The Baden Street Singers in the SciTech Planetarium

  • Devising and rehearsing a fully improvised singing show at Fringe World - Whose Note is it Anyway?

  • Running the Big Sing workshop at Guildford SongFest

  • Participating in a Stephen Taberner Song-Writing course

  • Conducting with the St Mark's House Choir contest


  • UWA Pantomime Society

  • Modicum Theatre

  • Acapocalypse

  • Secret Suppers


  • Perth Fringe World Festival

  • Barbershop Harmony Australia National Convention

  • Denmark Festival of Voice

  • Fairbridge Festival

  • Dunsborough SongFest

  • Guildford SongFest