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I was born in England and moved to Perth at a very young age - where I have lived ever since.
Throughout school at Hale I was heavily involved with the arts scene, both music and acting - including orchestras, choirs, plays, symphonies, musicals and chamber groups.
I picked up a couple of instruments along the way - including viola, guitar and piano. However my main music pasison was always singing.

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After finishing school, I became immersed in the Perth arts scene. I joined a number of groups including Naya Chorale, UWA Pantomime Society and Voyces.

Over the next 5 years I was involved with all manner of shows and performances; 

singing, acting, writing, directing, dancing and even operating backstage tech.

I also travelled around regional WA and Australia for various song festivals.

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Eventually I got my first oppurtunity to develop my music career. A couple of years after joining The Men of the West I was asked to take over as the Musical Director. 

This was also when I joined The Baden Street Singers and travelled with them as they competed in the national Barbershop Harmony Australia competitions.

This was when I began to work and and improve my musical abilities - both as a singer and as a director/teacher. Learning from experience shaped me as a leader and instructor - however I was also lucky enough to learn from some of the best music educators in the world at the BHA Harmony Academy.

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Since then I've had more and more oppurtunities to learn and grow as a musician and work with some of the best choirs in Australia.
I've planned and organised shows, performed in concerts, and developed as a music educator.
Looking forward - I hope to continue learning as a singing teacher and performer. I've started to run workshops to help develop music skills and to promote the enjoyment of singing.

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Check out some of the groups I have been involed with - either as a director, singer or performer.
There's also notable events, performances and learning experiences I've been a part of.


  • Rhythmos​

  • The Men of the West

  • With One Voice 

  • Naya Chorale

  • The Baden Street Singers

  • Voyces

  • Indie Mix Pop Choir

  • Working Voices

  • Curtin Singers

  • Close Harmony

  • Peppermint

  • The Real Sing


  • Being invited as a back-up singer for the Adele concert in Perth 

  • Continuing participation in the BHA Harmony Academy

  • Winning Best Mixed Chorus 4 years in a row with The Baden Street Singers at the BHA National Convention

  • Conceptualising and helping launch ShedSong and SongBridge

  • Organising and show-running Underneath the Stars - performed by The Baden Street Singers in the SciTech Planetarium

  • Devising and rehearsing a fully improvised singing show at Fringe World - Whose Note is it Anyway?

  • Running the Big Sing workshop at Guildford SongFest

  • Participating in a Stephen Taberner Song-Writing course

  • Conducting with the St Mark's House Choir contest


  • UWA Pantomime Society

  • Modicum Theatre

  • Acapocalypse

  • Secret Suppers


  • Perth Fringe World Festival

  • Barbershop Harmony Australia National Convention

  • Denmark Festival of Voice

  • Fairbridge Festival

  • Dunsborough SongFest

  • Guildford SongFest

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