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Learn how to do a real life Riff-Off - just like in Pitch Perfect!

This series of workshops will be about exploring and building the skills required to create improvised acapella covers of songs.

Each workshop will cover the basics, including:

  • Basic singing technique

  • Harmony/Improvisation exersises

  • Structure of creating an improvised acapella cover

In addition, each workshop will also include 1-2 specific topics that will delve more in-depth to a specific area of improv covers, including:

  • Creating more interesting Bass lines and Harmony parts

  • How to be an effective and engaging Lead/Melody singer

  • Intro to Beatboxing and Vocal Percussion

  • Genre Swapping

  • Mashups and Medleys

  • Creating Original Songs with lyrics

  • Staging a real life Riff-Off

Tickets can be purchased through the link below. If you'd like to stay up to date with future workshops you can also join the Facebook group.



I offer private singing lessons in both Morley and West Perth, for individuals or small groups. 

These are available for singers of any skill level and experience.

More information can be found at my Music Teachers Online Profile



Either as a choir director for a singing group or a director for an upcoming stage show - I have directed a number of different performances and groups.

I offer services for groups/projects looking for both long and short term directorship roles.

More information about my previous directing experience can be found in my Bio Page

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I have a range of workshops that I am able to run, including:

  • Vocal Pedagogy

  • Acapella Singing Techniques

  • Beatboxing & Vocal Looping

  • Directing & Conducting

  • Stage Performance Skills 

  • Group Singing for Beginners

I can also tailor a workshop to fit the needs for your group.



Singer - Beatboxer -  Actor - Host / MC

If you need someone to help with a group or performance, I can offer the following services:

  • Beatboxing / Vocal Percussion

  • Bass / Baritone / Tenor

  • Actor

  • Host / MC

  • Solo Performance Act

  • Replacement / Substitute Singer

Any of these can be done on short notice - including learning songs, sheet music and scripts.



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